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Tropical Import Service was founded in 1994 and can rely on the many years of experience
of the company owner Wolfgang Müller in the import of marine life.

Located near Frankfurt Airport / Germany, Tropical Import Service, abbreviated TIS, is not only centrally located in Germany, but also provides the best connections to a wide range of importing countries.

These advantageous conditions and the onward transport, lying exclusively in our own hands, naturally guarantee the shortest possible transport times for your new aquarium inhabitants, so that they arrive at your premises in optimal condition.

TIS specializes in importing live marine ornamental fish, lower animals, hard and soft corals, and freshwater ornamental fish.

A simplified, special customs procedure speeds up and streamlines customs clearance enormously, thus reducing the time it takes to transport imports.

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Your orders will be delivered to you without delay, on request by special delivery or by air freight ( domestic and foreign ). Of course, you can also pick up your order yourself directly at the airport or from us.

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Basic requirement for processing an inquiry or order is that you operate an open retail store or public aquarium. We do not supply private customers and neither do we supply online-only retailers!